MyPBX U300 and U5 Series User Capacity is Expanded!

Yeastar, a leading designer and manufacturer of IP communication and surveillance products, today officially announces upgrade of SIP users for MyPBX U300 and U5 series. With the upgrade, MyPBX U300 user capacity is expanded to 300, enabling users to make the most of abundant VoIP benefits. MyPBX U5 series now allows 500 users, qualifying U5 series as an enterprise-grade IP-PBX fulfilling various communication needs. To enjoy the enhanced user capacity, upgrade to the latest firmware: <a href="" style="color:#00a0e3;"></a> </br></br> <a href="" style="color:#00a0e3;">About MyPBX U300</a></br></br> MyPBX U300 boasts an embedded PRI (E1/T1/J1) port with up to 30 lines and 2 FXS ports in the one compact system, providing higher density trunking for offices using E1 PRI signaling. This system supports up to 300 users and 50 concurrent calls. Also it could be used as a gateway to legacy PBX systems in applications. </br></br> <a href="" style="color:#00a0e3;">About MyPBX U5 Series</a></br></br>MyPBX U500/U510/U520 are the enterprise-grade solutions designed for businesses requiring up to 500 users, supporting up to 80 concurrent calls. It offers 16 phone ports for FXO, FXS, GSM, UMTS, ISDN BRI connectivity. Thus these three models couples VoIP with traditional telephone lines offering scalability, high availability, cost saving, and simplified support and maintenance.
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