Yeastar Grandly Released MyPBX Client Add-on!

MyPBX Client is an application coordinated with MyPBX that connects your PC and IP phones. With MyPBX Client, you can perform various operations including check extension status, manage contacts, voicemails, and CDR of extension, realize click-to-call and call popup, send instant messages between extensions, initiate a conference call, and create a call task, etc.</br></br> <font color="#00a0e3"><b>[Features]</b></font></br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>1.Presencef</b></font></br> Visual representations of other extensions’ availability permits you to instantly know if a person is online and not in a call so that available for a real-time conversation. </br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>2.Handle Calls</b></font></br> Make, terminate, and transfer calls on the Client.</br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>3.Instant Messaging</b></font></br> Send and receive instant messages, initiate group chat, send SMS to mobile phone, and check chat log. An immediate method that breaks down barriers and complement communication is readily at hand.</br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>4.Contacts List</b></font></br> Manage your contact list by adding, editing, deleting, grouping, and checking your contacts. </br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>5.Click to Call</b></font></br> Quickly connect to individuals: just a click on the extension or the contact’s number to start a call. The contact’s information is also displayed. </br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>6.Call Popup</b></font></br> Be productive on each call, as you get information of the caller from the popup window at the first moment. </br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>7.Access to Voicemail</b></font></br> Play back and manage your voicemail at any time on MyPBX Client. </br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>8.Conferencing</b></font></br> With user-friendly conferencing interface, start a conference call clicks away. </br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>9.Call Task</b></font></br> Schedule call task. Specify the number and time you want to make a call; either set it as a reminder or place the call directly.</br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>10.Call Logs</b></font></br> Detailed records of all inbound and outbound calls including missed calls with call time and duration are displayed. Call history with a specific contact can also be checked. </br></br> <font color="#5c5c5c "><b>11.Runs on Windows</b></font></br> Fully support Windows OS. </br></br>
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