Connect ISDN PBX with VoIP Networks

<div align="justify">SIP trunking provides a flexible and cost-effective communication option for any business wishes to decrease communication cost and increase efficiency, even companies that are running legacy ISDN PBX. For businesses that are tied to legacy equipment, TB immediately connects them to cost-saving SIP trunkings. Besides preserving investment on legacy equipment, enterprises could also maintain PBX dialing habits and utilize the benefit of VoIP easily and conveniently. </div> </br><img src=" SIP_Trunkings_TB.jpg" style="width:800px" alt="BRI VoIP Gateway"> </br> </br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
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bri voip gateway
BRI VoIP Gateway TB200 & TB400
Yeastar TB200/400 is a compact and reliable standalone VoIP BRI gateway (BRI-VoIP/VoIP-BRI) offering 2 or 4 BRI ports for companies using ISDN BRI lines an easy, cost-effective and flexible integration into any VoIP system or enabling any IP PBX to be connected to the public ISDN network.
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