Hotel Module Add-on

<div align="justify">Developed to meet growing needs of small and medium sized hotels, MyPBX Hotel Module integrates rich IP-PBX features with professional hospitality features. Run your hotel with MyPBX Hotel Module to achieve higher productivity and greater profitability.</div></br> <div align="justify">Hotel Module empowers MyPBX users to intuitively manage the booking and check-in and check-out of customers, check status of each room, offer mini-bar service, and run personalized billing reports, and more daily operational tasks in hotels and other hospitality environments. Improve business productivity and enhance guest experience with the powerful and affordable Hotel Module. Navigate through the Web interface, an orderly hotel and a systematic control of the operations are within grasp.</div> </br><font color="#00a0e3"><b>Benefits</b></font> <ul><li><b>Simple solution with rich features</b> </li> MyPBX Hotel Solution brings together a rich set of telephony features and advanced hospitality applications. <li><b>Easy and efficient management</b> </li> Flexibly and easily manage room check-in and check-out, booking, and call charges, etc. on the Web interface. <li><b>Satisfactory guest experience</b> </li> Store and retrieve information about guests who are currently staying at your hotel and repeated guests. Recognize repeated guests at check-in to foster guest royalty. <li><b>Better reporting</b> </li> The billing report shows call charges, mini bar expenses and other expenses that are added when checking out. <li><b>Improved productivity</b> </li> Enhance the competitive edge of your business. Information about guests can be easily accessed. The system keeps up-do-date records of guests and also minimizes paper work. <li><b>Designed for hotels and other hospitality environments</b> </li> Suitable for inns, motels, hostels, hotels, and other hospitality environments. </ul> </br><b><font color="#00a0e3">Features</b></font> <ul><li>Check-in</li> <li>Check-out</li> <li>Booking</li> <li>Room Groups</li> <li>Display Room Status</li> <li>Set Room Status by Extensions</li> <li>Set Do Not Disturb</li> <li>Schedule Wake-up Calls</li> <li>Mini Bar</li> <li>Set Rate for Calls Made by Guests</li> <li>Call between Rooms</li> <li>Room Must Be Clean</li> <li>Locked When Checkout</li> <li>Billing Report </li> <li>Customers List</li></ul> </br> <div id="DeploymentTip_Line1" style=" font-size: 0px; text-align: center; "> <div id="DeploymentTip_Line1_Step1"></div> <div id="DeploymentTip_Line1_Step2" style=" display: inline-block; "><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></div> <div id="DeploymentTip_Line1_Step3" style="text-align: center;display: inline-block;"> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></div> <div id="DeploymentTip_Line1_Step4"></div> </div>
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