MyPBX Solution for Financial Services

<div align="justify">Financial services companies are facing fierce competition and relentless pressures. The demand for improving operational efficiency and maximizing enterprise benefits is a common concern for these companies. Among the many operational costs, expensive long distance call charges among branches and offices count for a big portion. Meanwhile, financial services providers are also seeking new ways to efficiently develop and manage client relationships. A user-friendly and feature-rich telephone system enhancing customer experience is in need. Yeastar offers a comprehensive set of solutions designed to meet these requirements. </div> </br><b><font color="#00a0e3">Demand Analysis</b></font> <ul><li>The telephone system should smoothly integrate to the existing IP systems and PSTN. Make full use of the resources and migrate to VoIP without damaging the daily operation.</li> <li>Less costly phone calls will make the new telephone system a really useful system and be applied extensively and efficiently.</li> <li>Regardless of the size of the system, lower investment of money and time on management and maintenance.</li> <li>The system can be easily scaled to meet future growing demand.</li> </ul> <b></br><font color="#00a0e3">Solution Introduction</b></font> <div align="justify">MyPBX delivers a complete solution that blends the best of VoIP. The solution fulfills financial services companies’ requirements with practical features like Client software, call recordings, and mobility extensions. With MyPBX Client, workers can get real-time information from colleagues; call recordings keep record of customers’ orders and complaints; mobility extensions feature will ring multiple numbers at once to keep you always in touch. MyPBX also provides API to integrate with the existing CRM; client information will immediately pop up when the phone rings. </br>MyPBX connects PSTN and VoIP networks to lower communication costs. Adopting advanced voice processing techniques, it provides quality voice calls for users. The embedded system makes management and maintenance easy with intuitive Web interface, ensuring carrier-grade operation and reliability. MyPBX exhibits strong compatibility, which will allows networking with various traditional PBX to preserve previous investment on traditional systems. </br>The advanced solution can support financial services providers with a single office and business with multiple branches spreading nationally.</div> </br><b><font color="#00a0e3">Results</b></font> <ul><li><b>Reduced costs</b></li> Make free calls among offices and reduce long distance call charges with VoIP networks. <li><b>Improved efficiency</b></li> Features like four-digit dialing, voicemail, Client application, and conferencing help to improve productivity. <li><b>Enhanced experience</b></li> With the powerful IVR feature, all incoming calls will be handled automatically and professionally. Meanwhile, distribute the calls among offices or remote workers. <li><b>Reliable system</b></li> Ensure long operation time with low failure rate and downtime, reducing risks associated with the repair. Built-in firewall and multi-level security measures protect the system from being hacked. <li><b>Toll-quality voice calls</b></li> Deliver clear and natural voice on every call with various industry-standard CODEC and voice processing techniques.</ul> </br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
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MyPBX U300
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