TG Bulk SMS Service

<div align="justify">Mobile marketing is effective in promoting business as it reaches your customers directly. One way of conducting mobile marketing is to use Bulk SMS service. When enterprises need to introduce special offers, manage customer relations, send holiday wishes, etc, they can use bulk SMS to achieve all these with a low cost. Bulk SMS service is also used to send alerts and notifications. Business can always find innovative and effective ways to use bulk SMS service. TG Bulk SMS feature is a great tool in implementing SMS campaign. With TG, sending bulk SMS is only clicks away. Enter the desired phone numbers, the SMS content in the Web GUI, there you go! The Bulk SMS feature is easy to use, fast, and reliable. TG also provides API to connect an external SMS client.</div> </br><b><font color="#00a0e3">Features</b></font> <ul> <li>Send bulk SMS in the Web GUI: easy to create and execute</li> <li>Send bulk SMS for SMS marketing campaign</li> <li>Send bulk SMS for alerts and notifications</li> <li>Open API for SMS and USSD</li> </ul> </br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
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