TG Provides Mobile Trunkings

</div align="justify">For business making high numbers of calls to mobile networks, TG adds GSM trunks for them to transform fixed-to-mobile calls to mobile-to-mobile calls. It could significantly reduce the telecommunication expenses. Meanwhile, TG brings valued-added features such as SMS, callback, and call forwarding, etc. As an addition to the enterprise communications system, TG brings fast and convenient mobile communications to boost the productivity and reduce the operation cost while preserving the previous investment on SIP Server, IP Phones, etc. The GSM trunking is also a low-cost alternative to landlines in instances where fixed line communication is not available. </div> </br></br><b><font color="#00a0e3">Benefits</b></font> <ul> <li><b>Mobile connectivity</li></b> Provide GSM trunking for enterprises, especially practical for areas where cabling is difficult for Internet and PSTN. <li><b>Least cost routing</li></b> TG will select the relevant carrier to match the call made to that carrier. <li><b>Advantageous SMS Service</li></b> Enterprises will be able to send and receive SMS and send bulk SMS via TG. <li><b> Preserve existing investment</li></b> Expand the system capacity while maximizing the return on your current investment. </ul> </br><div align="center"><img src="" style="width:800px" alt="VoIP GSM Gateway"></div> </br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
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